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How should smokers protect their teeth

Professional Teeth cleaning to avoid Root canal treatment

Legit Ways of Avoiding Root Canals


Legit ways to avoid going to a dentist

A professional dentist treats and examines the oral cavity of a pregnant girl in a modern dental office. Dentistry.

How critical is oral care for expecting mothers

License needed - Extraction

Legit Ways To Avoid Tooth Extraction

Top 10 toothpastes for kids

How should kids protect their teeth

Frequently Asked Questions

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Can you prevent a root canal treatment(RCT)? Yes. You can prevent a root canal treatment by visiting a dentist at the right time. Is a cap necessary after a root canal treatment(RCT)? Yes. Definitely. The cap protects the inner tooth from the chewing forces. If you...

FAQs : Gum Care & Health

Can brushing hard cause bleeding gums? Yes. Brushing hard can cause your gums to tear and bleed. The bristles of the toothbrush are very hard on the delicate gums. About 70% of people experience bleeding gums because of improper brushing techniques and using a...

FAQs: Pregnancy

Why get a dental checkup before planning your pregnancy? Dental emergencies only happen when you neglect your oral health. Pre-existing dental diseases can aggravate during pregnancy and not much can be done during this time. Any kind of sudden tooth pain can put both...

FAQs : Teeth Whitening

How long do teeth whitening effects last? Whitening is a temporary solution for stains. It can last for 6 to 12 months if you avoid smoking and caffeinated beverages If not, the effects may last even less than a month. What precautions should you take after teeth...

FAQs : Braces

What's the ideal age to get braces? The ideal age to start braces is 10-14. That's when the bones and jaws are in the growing stage and can be easily molded to the desired aesthetics. What are invisible braces? Recently invisible braces are available wherein a series...

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