FizzFreeFeb Contest: Make healthy drink for fabulous oral health

February 13, 2019

This February, let us pledge for your healthy body and teeth. We are presenting a FizzFreeFeb Contest beverage making contest for all the drink lovers.

Summer is no far and we all are looking forward to chilled beverages and more fizzy drinks. But have you ever noticed what these market beverages can do to your body, especially teeth? Sugary-soft drinks are the culprit for a series of hazardous diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, and cancer. Moreover, they may cause damage to our teeth.

DentalDost has taken this initiative inspired by Southwark council, London,  to organize a fizz-free beverage recipe contest.

Come up with ideas for fizz and sugar-free alternatives for a healthy and refreshing summer. The best recipe will be DISPLAYED ON DENTALDOST OFFICIAL WEBSITE and the WINNER WILL GET A SURPRISE HAMPER!

The contest will be held on 22nd February 2019, at 4:30 pm at CoHive Coworking Space, Pune.

Scan your pantry and refrigerator and experiment with new healthy recipes.

Rules and regulations of the fizzfreefeb contest are:

  1. A beverage is to prepared using NO added sugar/sweeteners/alcohol. You can use natural sugar like honey and fruits.
  2. No use of fizzy substances like soda.
  3. Use of mixer, blender, and juicer is allowed.
  4. The beverage is to prepared at home and brought at the venue.
  5. Minimum quantity should be at least 250ml
  6. Prior registration for the event is required (From 12th Feb to 19th Feb)
  7. Registration is FREE and should be done at
  8. One team can have multiple participants. Solo entry is allowed as well.
  9. Only one beverage per team is allowed.
  10. Write your recipe on a piece of paper which includes the following:     
    • Participants name
    • Team name
    • Beverage name
    • Ingredients
    • A recipe, which can be written in Hindi/ English/ Marathi
  1. You have to submit the beverage and written form of your recipe on the day of the contest, i.e. 22nd February.
  2. The result will be declared on 25th Feb at 1 pm on the Dental Dost official website. (

So hurry up for the registration and make everyone adopt a healthy lifestyle!

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Author Bio: Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali is the Co-Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon at DentalDost. A recipient of the Pierre Fauchard International Merit Award, she is a holistic dentist who believes that everyone should have access to oral healthcare, irrespective of class and geography. She strongly believes that tele-dentistry is the way to achieve that. Dr. Vidhi has also spoken at various dental colleges, addressing the dental fraternity about dental services and innovations. She is a keen researcher and has published various papers on recent advances in dentistry.

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