Teeth cleaning is a process in which the stains on the tooth debris, food particles bacteria and plaque are flushed out from all the surfaces of the teeth, spaces between the teeth and below the gums with an ultrasonic machine with a water jet spray.

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If the tooth decay is in the initial stage, then the tooth is treated with a filling.The tooth is drilled to remove all the cavities and filled with a filling material.

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A root canal treatment includes removing exposed or damaged inner pulp of the tooth. Your dentist will make sure you don’t feel pain by anesthetizing the tooth. The canals of the roots of the teeth are cleaned, disinfected to make sure no remaining pus or infection is present and then the canals of the tooth are finally sealed.

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Once the root canal treatment is completed a cap or a crown is placed on the tooth.

The tooth is cut from all sides and the tooth measurements are recorded. The shade of the tooth is then selected that closely matches the natural shade of the tooth.

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When the tooth caries have reached the pulp and destroyed the entire structure of the tooth it is beyond saving and the only option left is the extraction of the tooth. Extraction of a tooth is a minor surgical procedure. In this process, you are given local anesthesia, the tooth is loosened from the jaws and then removed from the mouth.

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Since the wisdom tooth may be embedded in the gums and bone it cannot be extracted by a normal extraction procedure and needs a surgical approach in which the gums and bone are pushed away and the tooth is extracted. The stitches are then given which need to be removed after a period of one week.

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For placing a bridge the teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth are cut and the measurements are recorded and the shade of the natural tooth is selected and sent to the laboratory. After a few trials and adjustments the bridge is then fixed and with the help of the two supporting teeth the missing tooth is replaced.

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An implant is a titanium screw that is fit within the jaw bone. The bone is drilled to make space for the titanium screw. The titanium screw of a particular dimension is selected for the patient and placed within the bone. The gums are then stitched back to close the area and prevent any bacteria and infection from entering.

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Lasers used for soft tissue surgeries

Gum surgeries like treating the swollen gums, surgeries for speech correction, infections of the gums, cutting of the gums for aesthetic purposes,removing of the infected tissues and  biopsies can be done with lasers.

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Teeth whitening is a process of bleaching your teeth to make them more white and shine bright.

Results of teeth whitening however are not permanent and may last for about 6-8 months. Teeth whitening cannot be done on all teeth and it may cause some initial sensitivity hence it is important to seek advice from your dentist.

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Braces help in aligning the teeth that are rotated and out of shape,placed backward or forward with the help of either metal or ceramic braces.Some people may have a forward or backward placed jaw and just aligning the teeth won’t be much effective and may need a surgical approach to move the jaw and the teeth into alignment.

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3D technology allows us to visualize the ideal smile of a patient before starting the treatment process. The face size, shape and facial features differ from person to person. Hence the smile design for each person will be unique. There are a number of ways one can attain a better smile.

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Is my personal information and advice confidential?2019-07-19T07:20:01+00:00

Absolutely. We don’t ask for any sensitive data. Your information is completely safe and confidential with us.

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Dental consultation charges in India vary from Rs 50 to Rs 1000, based on geography and experience of the dentist. At DentalDost 24/7 helpline, it would be provided for free by dental experts.

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Some of the details would be required by the dental surgeon to diagnose and help you with your problem. This information would strictly be confidential and shared nowhere.

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Your pain and doubts are our primary and most important concerns. Your call would last until all your doubts have been cleared.

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Yes. Both oral and overall health are connected. The mouth is a window reflecting your overall health in general.

What information can I expect from the helpline?2019-07-19T07:11:28+00:00

Right from your dental pain to various treatment plans, you can get all your queries answered. A person of any age can ask questions about how to prevent dental diseases, treatment options for the ongoing pain and nearby dental clinic to get the treatment done.

Can I get the second opinion based on any treatment my dental has already assigned?2019-07-19T07:15:48+00:00

Yes, definitely. All patients have the right to information and consider all the options before getting any treatment done. You can even share your diagnostics ( X-ray film, digital image) if you have for a detailed opinion.

Does the dental expert suggest a nearby dentist?2019-07-19T07:17:23+00:00

Yes. After understanding your problem and explaining things to you, we would suggest a trusted dentist nearby your home for easy accessibility of treatment.

I am dealing with stress-related issues. Can it affect my teeth?2019-07-19T07:18:01+00:00

Yes. Stress is the main cause of many diseases including dental diseases. Talk to our dental experts about how to reduce stress and have a healthy mouth.