Are myths we hear about pregnancy true?

Pregnancy myths and Misconceptions


Motherhood begins right from the conception. People in the neighborhood keep advising a number of things to the pregnant lady which literally panics her. But are such advice really true or just a myth? Let’s have a look.

Pregnancy Myth 1 – If a pregnant mother is craving for certain foods she should have it. Otherwise, the baby keeps drooling!


Craving for certain foods is the result of fluctuating hormones in the body. It has nothing to do with the craving food for the baby.

The nutrition and blood supply of a fetus is done by the umbilical cord of the mother. So, how will the foetus ask for tempting or junk food?  

If a pregnant mother is craving for certain foods, she can have it in moderation, unless the food is unhealthy, which can harm her or the baby, she should be careful.

Pregnancy Myth 2 – The pregnant mother should consume milk with saffron so that her baby will have a fair complexion


India is a country which is obsessed with fairness. Always a fair personality is treated as a superior and the dark or dusky as inferior.

To be honest, the baby’s complexion is always determined by its genes and not by saffron milk.

Pregnancy Myth 3 – If the baby bump is high – It’s a boy, if low – It’s a girl!


Usually, in the first pregnancy, due to good muscle tone, the baby bump is a little high. In further pregnancies, the muscle tone becomes less toned. Hence, the baby bump becomes low. The position of a baby bump never indicates the gender of the baby.

Myth 4 – Eating ghee lubricates the birth passage and helps in a smooth delivery


Ghee is fat which helps in the non-frictional movement of the joints and not the delivery. For a smooth delivery, slight exercises are more helpful which increases the flexibility of the pelvic area.

Myth 5. The pregnant woman should eat for two people as she has a life inside her womb


A normal human being consumes 1300-1800 calories every day. On a daily basis, the baby requires only 300 calories which is less than 30% of the total nutrition. So, whatever the mother consumes, is enough for the child. All the additional calories consumed adds to the mother’s body weight.

So, to-be-mothers, don’t worry about the myths and notions of the surrounding people and enjoy every moment of this journey. Plan to welcome your little one in this world with excitement and joy!

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